Recycling & the Environment

Recycling Responsibly

At Fox Valley Iron & Metal, we value the importance of recycling. As a company we encourage individuals to recognize their impact on the environment.

Recycling Freon Appliances

When irresponsibly disposed of, the waste of freon appliances contributes to the degradation of the Earth’s health. Endangering the ozone layer of the Earth, it is important to properly recycle your freon appliances. For our part, Fox Valley Iron & Metal DOES NOT CHARGE for the recycling of freon appliances. Next time you need to dispose of that large freon appliance, don’t take it to the landfill to be charged for recycling responsibly! Bring it to Fox Valley Iron & Metal FREE OF CHARGE!

Recycling Scrap Metal

Did you know that recycling scrap metal reduces greenhouse gas emissions?
Recycling scrap metal reduces our need to mine the Earth’s natural resources. This keeps the integrity of our planet and helps reduce other issues from arising. It costs less to process scrap metal than it does to process ‘virgin’ metals that have just been mined, which allows these products to be sold for even cheaper prices. You are able to recycle scrap again and again without affecting the properties or the quality of the metal itself, meaning you can always recycle it no matter the condition.